Confirm with your assigned referee by calling or sending an e-mail by the Tuesday before your match with the following details:

[Reminder] Who’s The Ref Confirmation Process

Here is a breakdown of how the assignments process works:

  • The RRSNY match secretary completes assignments for the coming week(s)
  • Who’s The Ref sends assignment notification(s) to the referee; these messages include contact information for the team match secretary
  • The assigned referee confirms the game(s)
  • Only after the assigned referee confirms their game(s) will the team match secretary receive an email with said referee’s contact information
  • Team match secretaries must contact their assigned referee by the Tuesday before the match with any relevant logistics (directions, kit colors, etc.)
    • Date/Time: Include all matches you are confirming A & B sides as well as how long you expect each match to be and how much of a gap will be between them
    • Location: Be specific. Provide address, landmarks, parking information
    • Home and Visiting team colors: To resolve clashes well in advance.
    • Payment information: Required forms or information should be obtained and completed in advance of the match if possible.
  • Please also inform the RRSNY match secretary if your game is still unassigned, by that same deadline