RRSNY General Policies

  • Referees will only be assigned to matches involving clubs who are members in good standing of USA Rugby, Rugby Referee Society of NY (RRSNY), and their affiliated Unions or Competitive Region.
  • Referees who are members of RRSNY must not be directly solicited by Clubs, Unions or Conferences to officiate matches. All matches will be assigned by RRSNY.
  • RRSNY expects all participants and spectators to be aware of and compliant with the most recent Laws of the Game, Game Management Guidelines, and any other guidance provided by World Rugby, USA Rugby and RRSNY.
  • All RRSNY member clubs should endeavor to provide a home field which conforms to the World Rugby specifications provided in the Laws of the Game: HERE.
  • RRSNY expects that clubs will confirm with assigned referees by the Tuesday prior to their assigned match with complete details as outlined HERE.
  • RRSNY expects referees be compensated a $100-per-match fee. To be arranged prior to their assigned match for all matches where other agreement has not explicitly been made with RRSNY in advance. Please see here for more information: HERE.