All RRSNY member clubs should endeavor to provide a home field which:

  • Conforms to World Rugby and USA Rugby specifications provided HERE
  • To insure safe and fair play has clearly marked Technical Zones as described in USA Rugby Guidelines HERE

RRSNY recognize that not all fields are laid out to exact specifications and has provided the general guidance below:

  • Playing Area should be at least 60 meters (65 yards) wide from touch line to touch line.  Fields lined narrower than this may be considered unsafe.  World Rugby laws state the maximum width is 70 meters and that the playing area is to be as near as possible to the dimensions indicated.
  • All lines and markings should be clear and visible.  Any clarifications should be agreed with both captains and the Referee prior to the start of any match.
  • There should be flags at 50m, 22m, goal, dead-ball lines.
    • In the event flags are not available raised cones or pylons can be used.
  • Post pads are mandatory
  • Sideline barriers/ropes placed at least 5m from the sideline are mandatory
  • If you are playing on an American Football field:
    • Consider the 25 yard line as your 22m.
    • Extend the width beyond the american football lines with tape and/or cones.
    • Follow “where the goal posts are on the dead ball line” below
  • For situations where the goal posts are on the dead ball line
    • Penalty kicks at goal are NOT advanced 10m and should be taken at the point of infringement.
    • Defending players stand under the posts at conversion kicks.
  • Please point out all field concerns to the referee and the visiting side’s captain before the start.