RRSNY Exchange and Travel

Here’s an overview of the types of opportunities we are offering. If you have questions or new ideas, we’d love to hear from you at exchanges@rugbyrefsny.com.

On Your Own

You make the arrangements and enjoy.

Example: You have a friend who gets you games at Copenhagen 7s and hooks you up with a place to stay.

RRSNY Referral

We put you in touch with a society’s assignor in a city you wish to visit, but no guarantee they will have games. We provide you with a letter of referral detailing your level and participation in RRSNY games.  If we have RRSNY swag available, we will send some with you (typically society coins/pins).

Example: You want to referee the St. Patrick’s Day tournament in Savannah, so we contact the responsible society on your behalf to let them know you are an actual referee and see if they have a spot available.

RRSNY Connection

We have some relationships with other societies to get games in other parts of the country. We send you with a letter of referral, available swag and access to any benefits the LRS provides. You pay all your expenses and keep any match fees you earn.

Example: We hook you up with January/February/March games in sunny LA or San Diego. SoCal picks you up at the airport and billets you. You pay your expenses, but you’ll referee youth games at $1/minute. Four 60 minute games over a weekend can pay for an advance-purchase Jet Blue flight.


You are selected to receive RRSNY monies to travel elsewhere to referee. These events are chosen for development and usually have coaching opportunites. Not all opportunities are suitable for all levels of referees. After the trip, you will submit copies of your coaching reports, receipts for your travel for reimbursement and participate in some “give back”. This could be participation in a written or video report and/or you might help lead an activity at one of our clinics or workshops.

Example: We fly you to Sacramento for their youth Kick Off Tournament, which supports newer referees. You attend the review class on Friday, referee the two day tournament and return home with three or four written coaching reports. At RRSNY’s Spring Clinic, you lead a positioning activity you learned in the KOT review.


These are enriching opportunities to travel to referee elsewhere. RRSNY will reciprocate hosting referees from that society. Each exchange is different, but you can expect that RRSNY will pay your travel and send you with swag, and the hosting society will billet you and cart you around. After your trip, you will in some way share your experiences with the society at large, and you will help out when we host their referees.

Example: We pay your airfare for a 10-day exchange to Gloucester. They drive you around sightseeing, give you places to sleep and get you some games. When you return, you give a brief video report with all your fabulous photos. When Gloucester sends their refs over, you spend a couple of evenings after work showing them around NYC.

Wild Card

You find an opportunity that isn’t on our list and can make a case that it will enhance your development. You submit details about your request via the (link to come) to the Development Board. You may receive full or partial funding, depending on factors such as the value of the experience for you and/or others in the society, your participation in RRSNY events, and available Wild Card funds.

Example: You’ve been helping with RRSNY’s youth referee recruitment and mentoring program. You’ve gotten an invite to travel down to VA to check out how they train high school-age referees. Fill out the form, and we could potentially pay for your travel and hotel. We might send you with a partner to maximize our investment.

The Northeast contingent at the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championship here in New York City! RRSNY, NYSRRS, and NERRS represented!