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4.1 – 4.4 Assignments

Date Division Ref/AR1/AR2 Home Away Time
4/1/2015 HS Boys D2 Ros Anderson LFNY Dwight School 1600
4/2/2015 HS Boys D1 Harley Griffiths Darien High School RFC Fairfield Prep 1600
4/2/2015 HS Boys D1 Noel Mara Ridgefield HS Staples HS 1530
4/2/2015 Col M1 Andy Buck Kings Point Suffolk 1900
4/3/2015 Col M1 Pearce Mara Rutgers University Men Towson University 1900
4/4/2015 Club M1 Scott Reilly White Plains Old Blue 1300
4/4/2015 Club M2 Jeff Simpson Long Island Worcester TBD
4/4/2015 Club M2 Gary McCormick Morris Men’s Rugby Albany 1400
4/4/2015 Col M2 Sam Ware/Paolo Cifani Hofstra University men Stony Brook/Molloy 1100
4/4/2015 Col M2 Asher Ross Vassar College Men SUNY-New Paltz Men 1100
4/4/2015 Col W2 Rebeca Nolan Vassar College Women SUNY-New Paltz Women 1400
4/4/2015 Col W3 Mike Delano Drew Women Bard College 1200
4/4/2015 Col W1 Brad Kleiner/Rich Leonard/Mark Kenny Quinnipiac UMass 7s 1200
4/4/2015 HS Boys D1 Tom Sullivan Delbarton Ridge 1300
4/4/2015 HS Boys D1 Pearce Mara Xavier HS Varsity Kenmore West RFC 1000


Date Ref Division Home Team Visiting Team
3/27/2015 Andrew Britt Club M2 NJ #2 Monmouth NJ #3 Union
3/28/2015 Paul Bethe ARP NYAC Metropolis
3/28/2015 Andrew Britt Club M1 White Plains New Haven
3/28/2015 Brad Kleiner ARP Old Blue Hartford
3/28/2015 Harley Griffiths Club M2 Montclair RFC Hibernians
3/28/2015 TBD Club M2 Morris Men’s Rugby Suffolk
3/28/2015 Scott Reilly Club M2 NJ #1 Princeton NJ #4 Morris
3/28/2015 Noel Mara Club M2 NYC #1 NYRC NYC #4 Lansdowne
3/28/2015 Amelia Luciano Club M2 NYC #2 Old Blue NYC #3 Village Lions
3/28/2015 UPSTATE Club M2 NYUp #1 Buffalo NYUp #4 South Buffalo
3/28/2015 UPSTATE Club M2 NYUp #2 Syracuse NYUp #3 Rochester Ardvarks
3/28/2015 Asher Ross Club M3 NJ #1 NoJo NJ #4 Monmouth
3/28/2015 Tom Sullivan Club M3 NJ #2 Montclair NJ #3 Princeton
3/28/2015 UPSTATE Club M3 NY #1 Buffalo NY #4 South Buffalo
3/28/2015 UPSTATE Club M3 NY #2 Rochester Colonials NY #3 Rochester Ardvarks
3/28/2015 Gary McCormick Club M3 NYC #1 Montauk NYC #4 Brooklyn
3/28/2015 Paolo Cifani Club M3 NYC #2 Rockaway NYC #3 NYRFC
3/28/2015 John Stevens Club M3 #2 White Plains #3 Hudson Valley
3/28/2015 Noel Mara Club W1 New York Rugby Club Women Boston Women
3/28/2015 Kevin Slakas Club W2 Hofstra Universitys Women Fordham University
3/28/2015 Jerry Esposito Club W3 Montclair Lady Revelers Lafayette
3/28/2015 Mike Delano Col 7s Stony Brook 7s
3/28/2015 John Stevens Col M1 Army Navy
3/28/2015 Chris Green Col M1 Fordham University men Princeton University men
3/28/2015 Tom Tani Col M1 Rutgers University Men West Chester University
3/28/2015 Brian Auerbach Col M2 Hofstra Men Sienna College
3/28/2015 Andrew Wehr Col M3 Drew University men Bard University Montclair University Vassar College
3/28/2015 TBD Col W3 Drew Women SUNY New Paltz
3/28/2015 Jenna Bussman-Wise HS Boys D1 New Rochelle HS New York RFC U18
3/28/2015 Richard Leonard HS Boys D1 The Harvey School Fairport
3/28/2015 Mark Kenny HS Boys D1 Xavier HS Varsity Union County RFC
3/29/2015 Noel Mara Club M3 #1 Danbury #4 Old Maroon
3/29/2015 Ros Anderson Col W2 Vassar College Women Columbia University Women
3/29/2015 Jeff Simpson HS Boys D1 Hudson Catholic St. Francis Prep
3/29/2015 Asher Ross HS Boys D2 Long Island Colts u18’s Rockaway
3/29/2015 Mike Delano HS Girls Monmouth NYRC
3/29/2015 Dave Martin HS Girls Morris PRUSA
3/29/2015 EPRU HS Girls So. Jersey Union
3/29/2015 Tim Ferguson U14 Boys OGRCC Morris RFC


Date Home Team Visiting Team Referee
3/21/2015 Morris Men Rutgers Tom Tani
3/22/2015 Hofstra Universitys Women Montclair Dave Martin
3/22/2015 Hofstra University men Montclair University men Matt Ford
3/22/2015 Xavier HS Varsity PlayRugby USA Jeff Simpson
3/22/2015 Elizabeth Monmouth Jerry Esposito
3/22/2015 Monmouth U18 Renegades NYRC Ross Cocheo
3/22/2015 Morris U18 Girls Berkshire United U18 Girls Asher Ross
3/22/2015 Morris U18 Boys Berkshire United U18 Boys Asher Ross
3/22/2015 So Jersey NYRC EPRU
3/22/2015 Union PRUSA Mike Delano