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2016 Law Changes



Law 3 – Number of Players

  • 3.5, which addresses the number of players who are capable of playing in the front row, and how their number affects the total number of players a team may use has been re-written for better clarity with no substantive changes.  The part of this section which covers uncontested scrums has been split and now is a separate section (3.6).  All the subsequent sections have been re-numbered.
  • 3.12, which covers substituted players rejoining the match (now re-numbered to 3.14) has had one additional condition added.  In addition to front row replacement, blood injury replacement and (in Elite games with WR permission) temporary replacement for Head Injury Assessment, a substituted player may be used to replace a player who was injured as a result of Foul Play (as verified by the Match Officials).

Law 4 – Player Clothing (Clarification)

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2016 Spring Schedule Upload

Bulk Schedule Uploads are no longer being accepted. Please email for any additions or changes.

Weekend days through mid May are well over booked at this point. We will deal with late submissions on an as available basis and may not be able to accommodate new additions within 2 weeks of the match date.

Previously provided match schedules are now all uploaded to our Master Schedule. Please review under the menu Schedules and Assignments > Match Request Schedule (Master Schedule). Contact for any changes.