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New Partnership with Ruck Science

Rugby Referees Society of New York Partners with Ruck Science

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New York, New York – Rugby Referees Society of New York (RRSNY) is pleased to announce a new partnership and sponsorship agreement with Ruck Science, provider of world class performance, recovery and lifestyle nutrition products focused on the needs of modern rugby players and now, rugby union referees.

In the coming weeks, Ruck Science branding will be integrated with the RRSNY web, email, and social media presence. Additional benefits of the agreement to RRSNY members will be announced in the near future.

We’re thrilled to be on board with the RRSNY. This is a significant step forward for the Union and us. Since we have not set an end date, the partnership will have room to grow as both organizations build out new products and services for rugby players in New York and beyond.

– Tim Howard, Founder, Ruck Science

For more information on the Ruck Science sponsorship program, their suite of free e-book resources, and range of nutritional products for rugby players:
For more information about the RRSNY, how to become a certified rugby referee, visit the RRSNY website:


Date Ref Division Home Team Visiting Team
3/27/2015 Andrew Britt Club M2 NJ #2 Monmouth NJ #3 Union
3/28/2015 Paul Bethe ARP NYAC Metropolis
3/28/2015 Andrew Britt Club M1 White Plains New Haven
3/28/2015 Brad Kleiner ARP Old Blue Hartford
3/28/2015 Harley Griffiths Club M2 Montclair RFC Hibernians
3/28/2015 TBD Club M2 Morris Men’s Rugby Suffolk
3/28/2015 Scott Reilly Club M2 NJ #1 Princeton NJ #4 Morris
3/28/2015 Noel Mara Club M2 NYC #1 NYRC NYC #4 Lansdowne
3/28/2015 Amelia Luciano Club M2 NYC #2 Old Blue NYC #3 Village Lions
3/28/2015 UPSTATE Club M2 NYUp #1 Buffalo NYUp #4 South Buffalo
3/28/2015 UPSTATE Club M2 NYUp #2 Syracuse NYUp #3 Rochester Ardvarks
3/28/2015 Asher Ross Club M3 NJ #1 NoJo NJ #4 Monmouth
3/28/2015 Tom Sullivan Club M3 NJ #2 Montclair NJ #3 Princeton
3/28/2015 UPSTATE Club M3 NY #1 Buffalo NY #4 South Buffalo
3/28/2015 UPSTATE Club M3 NY #2 Rochester Colonials NY #3 Rochester Ardvarks
3/28/2015 Gary McCormick Club M3 NYC #1 Montauk NYC #4 Brooklyn
3/28/2015 Paolo Cifani Club M3 NYC #2 Rockaway NYC #3 NYRFC
3/28/2015 John Stevens Club M3 #2 White Plains #3 Hudson Valley
3/28/2015 Noel Mara Club W1 New York Rugby Club Women Boston Women
3/28/2015 Kevin Slakas Club W2 Hofstra Universitys Women Fordham University
3/28/2015 Jerry Esposito Club W3 Montclair Lady Revelers Lafayette
3/28/2015 Mike Delano Col 7s Stony Brook 7s
3/28/2015 John Stevens Col M1 Army Navy
3/28/2015 Chris Green Col M1 Fordham University men Princeton University men
3/28/2015 Tom Tani Col M1 Rutgers University Men West Chester University
3/28/2015 Brian Auerbach Col M2 Hofstra Men Sienna College
3/28/2015 Andrew Wehr Col M3 Drew University men Bard University Montclair University Vassar College
3/28/2015 TBD Col W3 Drew Women SUNY New Paltz
3/28/2015 Jenna Bussman-Wise HS Boys D1 New Rochelle HS New York RFC U18
3/28/2015 Richard Leonard HS Boys D1 The Harvey School Fairport
3/28/2015 Mark Kenny HS Boys D1 Xavier HS Varsity Union County RFC
3/29/2015 Noel Mara Club M3 #1 Danbury #4 Old Maroon
3/29/2015 Ros Anderson Col W2 Vassar College Women Columbia University Women
3/29/2015 Jeff Simpson HS Boys D1 Hudson Catholic St. Francis Prep
3/29/2015 Asher Ross HS Boys D2 Long Island Colts u18’s Rockaway
3/29/2015 Mike Delano HS Girls Monmouth NYRC
3/29/2015 Dave Martin HS Girls Morris PRUSA
3/29/2015 EPRU HS Girls So. Jersey Union
3/29/2015 Tim Ferguson U14 Boys OGRCC Morris RFC