Spring 2020 Match Submission Form + Team Contact Updates


I hope y’all enjoyed the holidays. Below are three quick updates (and one reminder) in regards to the coming spring season.
[1] New Match Secretary – Effective 2/3

Ahead of the referee society’s AGM on Monday, Feb. 3, please note that I will not be standing for re-election as RRSNY match secretary.

Moving forward, send all queries to rrsny.assignments@gmail.com, which is also copied here.

If you have contacted me between Jan. 1, 2020, and now, I have already forwarded along your message.

[2] Team Contact Information – Updates

If you are receiving this message, you are a current point of contact for your respective team(s).

If your club has a new match secretary or other point of contact for 2020, please update the following spreadsheet by leaving a comment on the relevant cell(s): SPRING 2020 РTEAM CONTACTS
[3] Match Submissions – Complete ASAP

Please submit any home matches for which you are requesting a referee or ARs as soon as possible and preferably at least two weeks in advance:

Remember to update any information (KO time, pitch, opponent) as needed by leaving a comment on the relevant cell in this spreadsheet:

[Reminder] Who’s The Ref Confirmation Process

Here is a breakdown of how the assignments process works:

  • The RRSNY match secretary completes assignments for the coming week(s)
  • Who’s The Ref sends assignment notification(s) to the referee; these messages include contact information for the team match secretary
  • The assigned referee confirms the game(s)
  • Only after the assigned referee confirms their game(s) will the team match secretary receive an email with said referee’s contact information
  • Team match secretaries must contact their assigned referee by the Tuesday before the match with any relevant logistics (directions, kit colors, etc.)
  • Please also inform the RRSNY match secretary if your game is still unassigned, by that same deadline

Last but not least: Many thanks to everyone whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past year!

All the best,