These assignments are subject to change.┬áTeams must confirm match details with their assigned referees by Tuesday befor game day. Failure to do so may result in the referee’s reassignment.

Match Date Referee Division Home Team Away Team
10/3/2015 Amelia Luciano (NP) Col M D1A Iona West Virginia
10/3/2015 Sam Ware Col M1 Fairfield University UCONN
10/3/2015 Brad Kleiner Club M2 Old Blue White Plains
10/3/2015 Joe Burpoe Club M2 Lansdowne New Haven
10/3/2015 Jeff Simpson Club M2 NYRC Long Island
10/3/2015 Scott Reilly Club M2 Princeton Montclair
10/3/2015 Chris Green Club M2 Bayonne Union
10/3/2015 Tom Tani Club W1 Village Lions Albany
10/3/2015 Ros Anderson Club W1 Monmouth Beantown
10/3/2015 Lill Rimac Club W2 Morris North Shore
10/3/2015 Dave Martin Club W3 Danbury Saratoga
10/3/2015 Trevor Ceniviva Club M2 Monmouth Morris
10/3/2015 Jeff Simpson Club M3 NYRC Rockaway
10/3/2015 Jerry Esposito Club M3 Suffolk Brooklyn
10/3/2015 Ryan Clapp Club M3 Gotham Old Maroon
10/3/2015 Pearce Mara Club M3 Fairfield Yankees Danbury
10/3/2015 Jem McDowall Club M3 Montauk Village Lions
10/3/2015 Rich Leonard Club M3 Hudson Valley New Haven
10/3/2015 Scott Reilly Club M3 Princeton Montclair
10/3/2015 Mike Delano Club M3 North Jersey Union
10/3/2015 Trevor Ceniviva Club M3 Monmouth Morris
10/3/2015 Asher Ross Col W1 Quinnipiac Women Life U Women
10/3/2015 Andy Buck Col M1 Fordham USMMA
10/3/2015 Andy Buck Col M1 Stony Brook Colgate
10/3/2015 Tom Sullivan Col M Ivy Princeton Yale
10/3/2015 George David Col W Ivy Columbia Women Cornell
10/4/2015 Amelia Luciano (NP)
Fontaine Lloyd (AR1)
Ryan Clapp (AR2)
WPL NYRC Women Twin Cities Amazons
10/4/2015 Gregory Potempa Col M2 Montclair State Uni. Men Seton Hall Uni. Men
10/4/2015 MATCH CANCELED Col M2 WPU Men Hofstra University Men
10/4/2015 Jerry Esposito Col M2 NJIT Men Sacred Heart Uni. Men
10/4/2015 Mark Stepsis Col M2 Vassar College Men Marist College Men
10/4/2015 Brad Kleiner Col M2 Molloy College Men SUNY-New Paltz Men
10/4/2015 Joe Burpoe Col M2 Bard College Men SUNY-Oneonta Men
10/4/2015 Tom Tani Col M2 Drew University Men Rutgers Uni. Men “C”
10/4/2015 Tom Sullivan Col W2 Rutgers University Women Stony Brook University Women
10/4/2015 Evan Lovina Col W2 Hofstra University Women Fairfield University Women
10/4/2015 Mark Stepsis Col W2 Vassar College Women University at Albany Women
10/4/2015 Rebeca Nolan Col W2 Marist College Women Siena College Women
10/4/2015 Tim Downey Col W2 SUNY-New Paltz Women Molloy College Women
10/4/2015 George David Col W2 Fordham University Women Montclair Uni. State Women
10/4/2015 Joe Burpoe Col W2 Bard College Women Drew University Women