Home teams must contact their assigned referee by Tuesday prior to match date; failure to do so may result in the referee being reassigned. As always, the below schedule is subject to change.

Match Date Referee Division Home Team Visiting Team Kickoff Time
4/7/2015 Harley Griffiths HS Boys D2 Keio Academy of New York Harvey 1615
4/9/2015 Greg Gilliam HS Boys D1 Darien High School RFC Fairfield 1600
4/9/2015 Tom Sullivan HS Boys D1 Delbarton St. Mary’s (Canada) 1500
4/10/2015 George David Col M1 Kings Point Molloy 1900
4/10/2015 Jerry Esposito NJ Boys HS St Augustine Hudson Catholic 1630
4/11/2015 Scott Reilly Club M2 Monmouth Morris 1300
4/11/2015 Brad Kleiner Club M2 Princeton AC Union 1300
4/11/2015 Paul Bethe Club M2 Village Lions RFC Men Lansdowne 1300
4/11/2015 Andrew Britt Club M2 NYRC Old Blue 1300
4/11/2015 Paolo Cifani Club M3 Bayonne Rugby FC Long Island RFC 1300
4/11/2015 NEED REF Club M3 Hudson Valley Men Saratoga 1300
4/11/2015 Gary McCormick Club M3 North Jersey Montclair 1300
4/11/2015 Rockaway Club M3 Brooklyn Mike Delano
4/11/2015 Jeff Simpson Club M3 Montauk NYRC 1300
4/11/2015 Greg Gilliam Club M3 Danbury White Plains 1300
4/11/2015 Tom Tani Club M3 Gotham Philadelphia Gryphons 1400
4/11/2015 Sam Ware Club W1 Monmouth Women’s Rugby NE Philly Women’s 1100
4/11/2015 Matt Ford Club W1 New York Rugby Club Women Albany 1600
4/11/2015 Jerry Esposito Club W3 Montclair Lady Revelers TCNJ TBD
4/11/2015 Noel Mara Col M1A Iona New England College 1500
4/11/2015 Mark Kenny Col M1 Princeton Men St. Josephs University 1300
4/11/2015 Tom Sullivan Col M1 Rutgers University Men Mount Saint Marys University TBD
4/11/2015 NEED REF Col M2 Montclair State men Alumni TBD
4/11/2015 NO CONTACT/REFEREE REASSIGNED Col M3 Drew University men Hofstra Seton Hall Morris RFC U19 William Paterson TBD
4/11/2015 Asher Ross/Brian Auerbach/Tyler Chicarella/George David/Rich Leonard Col W2 Tri-State Conference 7s Tri-State 7s Tournament – Women 1100
4/11/2015 Kevin Slakas HS Boys D2 St. Francis Prep St. Mary’s (ON) 1000
4/11/2015 Dave Martin Old Boy Long Island Old Boys Gotham Vets TBD
4/12/2015 Mark Stepsis Club W3 Sacred Heart Women Uconns Womens Rugby 1600
4/12/2015 Jeff Simpson (Head Ref)/Brad Kleiner/Gary McCormick/Joe Burpoe/Tyler Chicarella/Jack Rosenhammer/Paolo Cifani Col M2 Tri-State Conference 7s Tri-State 7s Tournament – Men Tri-State 7s
4/12/2015 Matt Ford Col M2 Fordham Sacred Heart 1000
4/12/2015 Jenna Bussman-Wise Col W2 Columbia Yale
4/12/2015 Andy Buck HS Boys D1 The Harvey School NYRFC 1300
4/12/2015 Andrew Wehr HS Boys D2 Monmouth Bergen 1200
4/12/2015 Andrew Wehr HS Girls Monmouth Harvey
4/12/2015 MATCH CANCELED HS Girls NYRC Elizabeth
4/12/2015 Mike Delano HS Girls Union RFC U18 Girls Morris RFC 1330
4/12/2015 Ross Cocheo U14 Boys Union RFC U14 Boys Morris RFC 1200
4/12/2015 Mike Delano U16 Boys Union RFC U16 Morris RFC 1200
4/12/2015 Tom Tani U18 Boys Union RFC U18 Boys Morris RFC TBD
4/12/2015 Tim Downey U18 Bous LI Colts Dwight HS 1200
4/12/2015 Dave Martin Youth Manhattan RFC U14 Rockaway RFC U14 TBD
4/12/2015 Dave Martin Youth Manhattan RFC U16 Rockaway RFC U16 TBD
4/12/2015 Dave Martin Youth U12 Manhattan RFC U12 Rockaway RFC TBD
4/12/2015 Ross Cocheo Youth Union RFC U12 Boys Morris RFC 1100