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Hell Gate 7s Assignments

The following full-time refs have been assigned to Hell Gate 7s – Gary McCormick is the head referee and will prepare and circulate the schedule for the day.

Gary McCormick (Head Ref)
Brad Kleiner
Kevin Slakas
Christopher Green
Richard Leonard
Joe Burpoe
Brian Auerbach
Noel Mara
Jerry Esposito
Jem McDowall
Tyler Chicarella
Tim Downey
Paolo Cifani
Harley Griffiths
Reid Adler

Monmouth 7s Assignments

Referees assigned to the Monmouth 7s Tournament are as follows:

Brad Kleiner (Head Ref)
Andy Buck
Greg Gilliam
Scott Reilly
Pearce Mara
Richard Leonard
Jeff Simpson
Joe Burpoe
Brian Auerbach
Jerry Esposito
Tim Downey
Mike Delano
Gary McCormick
Nigel Reilly