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4/18 – 4/19 Assignments

Teams must confirm referees by Tuesday prior to match date or risk having the ref reassigned. All assignments subject to change.

Match Date Referee Division Home Team Visiting Team Kickoff Time
4/13/2015  Tim Downey HS Boys D1 Pelham HS Fordham Prep 7:30pm
4/15/2015  Tim Downey HS Boys D1 New Rochelle HS Xavier 4:15
4/16/2015  Mike Delano NJ Boys HS CBA St Peters Prep 4:30PM
4/16/2015  Ros Anderson U16 Boys Xavier JV (u16) Fairfield Prep 5:30p
4/18/2015 USAR REF/ AR1 – Chris Green/AR2 – Rich Leonard Club ARP NYAC Boston RFC 1PM
4/18/2015 Andy Buck Club ARP Old Blue Baltimore 1500
4/18/2015 Thomas Krebs Club M2 Buffalo Village Lions 1300
4/18/2015 Brad Kleiner Club M2 NYRC Monmouth  1600
4/18/2015 Scott Reilly Club M2 Union Old Blue  1300
4/18/2015 Andrew Britt Club M2 PAC Syracuse  1300
4/18/2015 Noel Mara Club M2 Lansdowne Bayonne 1pm
4/18/2015 Gary McCormick Club M2 Morris Men Long Island D2 2pm
4/18/2015 Gary McCormick Club M3 Morris Men Gotham D3 3pm(after Long Island D2 game)
4/18/2015 Asher Ross Club M2 Union County RFC Men Rutgers TBD
4/18/2015 Pat Laczkowski Club M3 Buffalo White Plains  1300
4/18/2015 Jeff Simpson Club M3 NoJo Rochester  1300
4/18/2015 Joe Burpoe Club M3 Danbury Montclair  1300
4/18/2015 Andy Buck Club M3 NYRC Montauk 1200
4/18/2015 Mark Kenny Club W1 Monmouth Women’s Rugby Buffalo Women’s 11:00 AM
4/18/2015 MATCH CANCELED Club W1 NYRC Women NOVA women 2:00pm
4/18/2015 Tyler Chicarella Col M2 Vassar College Men Hofstra University Men 1:00 pm
4/18/2015 Jerry Esposito/Tom Sullivan/Tom Bryant/Dave Martin/Jenna Bussman-Wise/Lill Rimac Col M1 Princeton Men/Women Tournament 10:00am
4/18/2015  NEED DETAILS Col M3 Manhattanville Men Tournament TBD
4/18/2015 Rebeca Nolan Col W2 Vassar College Women SUNY-Cortland Women 2:00 pm
4/18/2015 TEAM NOT CIPP COMPLIANT Col W3 Manhattanville Women Tournament TBD
4/18/2015 Mark Kenny HS Boys D1 CBA Rugby Union 1pm
4/18/2015 Brian Auerbach HS Boys D1 New York Rugby Club HS Boys PRUSA TBD
4/18/2015 Greg Gilliam/Tim Downey (B) HS Boys D1 Xavier HS Varsity Gonzaga College HS TBD PM
4/18/2015 TOURNEY REF NJ Boys HS Delbarton St Augustine TBD
4/19/2015 Chris Green Col M1 Columbia University Men Fordham 7:00 PM
4/19/2015 Andy Buck Col M1 Iona NJIT  1400
4/19/2015 NEED REF HS Boys D1 Pelham HS u18 St Anthonys u18 1700
4/19/2015 Dan Marain HS Boys D2 Cape Storm Bergen 12:00 PM
4/19/2015 Brian Auerbach HS Boys D2 Long Island Colts u18’s Long Island Colts 12pm
4/19/2015 Mike Delano HS Boys D1 PAC U18 Union U18 1630
4/19/2015 Tom Tani HS Boys D2 Hudson Catholic St. Francis 1730
4/19/2015 NEED REF HS Boys D2 Jersey City PAL West Milford TBD
4/19/2015 Andrew Wehr HS Boys D2 Monmouth South Jersey 12:00 PM
4/19/2015 Ros Anderson HS Girls Elizabeth Union 11am
4/19/2015 Joe Burpoe HS Girls Harvey School Girls South Jersey High School Girls 1 pm
4/19/2015 Lill Rimac HS Girls Monmouth PRUSA
4/19/2015 Tom Tani HS Girls Morris NYRC 1pm
4/19/2015 Noel Mara U14 Boys OGRCC Essex RFC TBC – AM
4/19/2015 Ross Cocheo U14 Boys Union RFC U14 Boys Manhattan 12:00
4/19/2015 Sam Ware U16 Boys Union RFC U16 Manhattan 12:00
4/19/2015 Ross Cocheo Youth Union RFC U12 Boys Manhattan 11:00


Home teams must contact their assigned referee by Tuesday prior to match date; failure to do so may result in the referee being reassigned. As always, the below schedule is subject to change.

Match Date Referee Division Home Team Visiting Team Kickoff Time
4/7/2015 Harley Griffiths HS Boys D2 Keio Academy of New York Harvey 1615
4/9/2015 Greg Gilliam HS Boys D1 Darien High School RFC Fairfield 1600
4/9/2015 Tom Sullivan HS Boys D1 Delbarton St. Mary’s (Canada) 1500
4/10/2015 George David Col M1 Kings Point Molloy 1900
4/10/2015 Jerry Esposito NJ Boys HS St Augustine Hudson Catholic 1630
4/11/2015 Scott Reilly Club M2 Monmouth Morris 1300
4/11/2015 Brad Kleiner Club M2 Princeton AC Union 1300
4/11/2015 Paul Bethe Club M2 Village Lions RFC Men Lansdowne 1300
4/11/2015 Andrew Britt Club M2 NYRC Old Blue 1300
4/11/2015 Paolo Cifani Club M3 Bayonne Rugby FC Long Island RFC 1300
4/11/2015 NEED REF Club M3 Hudson Valley Men Saratoga 1300
4/11/2015 Gary McCormick Club M3 North Jersey Montclair 1300
4/11/2015 Rockaway Club M3 Brooklyn Mike Delano
4/11/2015 Jeff Simpson Club M3 Montauk NYRC 1300
4/11/2015 Greg Gilliam Club M3 Danbury White Plains 1300
4/11/2015 Tom Tani Club M3 Gotham Philadelphia Gryphons 1400
4/11/2015 Sam Ware Club W1 Monmouth Women’s Rugby NE Philly Women’s 1100
4/11/2015 Matt Ford Club W1 New York Rugby Club Women Albany 1600
4/11/2015 Jerry Esposito Club W3 Montclair Lady Revelers TCNJ TBD
4/11/2015 Noel Mara Col M1A Iona New England College 1500
4/11/2015 Mark Kenny Col M1 Princeton Men St. Josephs University 1300
4/11/2015 Tom Sullivan Col M1 Rutgers University Men Mount Saint Marys University TBD
4/11/2015 NEED REF Col M2 Montclair State men Alumni TBD
4/11/2015 NO CONTACT/REFEREE REASSIGNED Col M3 Drew University men Hofstra Seton Hall Morris RFC U19 William Paterson TBD
4/11/2015 Asher Ross/Brian Auerbach/Tyler Chicarella/George David/Rich Leonard Col W2 Tri-State Conference 7s Tri-State 7s Tournament – Women 1100
4/11/2015 Kevin Slakas HS Boys D2 St. Francis Prep St. Mary’s (ON) 1000
4/11/2015 Dave Martin Old Boy Long Island Old Boys Gotham Vets TBD
4/12/2015 Mark Stepsis Club W3 Sacred Heart Women Uconns Womens Rugby 1600
4/12/2015 Jeff Simpson (Head Ref)/Brad Kleiner/Gary McCormick/Joe Burpoe/Tyler Chicarella/Jack Rosenhammer/Paolo Cifani Col M2 Tri-State Conference 7s Tri-State 7s Tournament – Men Tri-State 7s
4/12/2015 Matt Ford Col M2 Fordham Sacred Heart 1000
4/12/2015 Jenna Bussman-Wise Col W2 Columbia Yale
4/12/2015 Andy Buck HS Boys D1 The Harvey School NYRFC 1300
4/12/2015 Andrew Wehr HS Boys D2 Monmouth Bergen 1200
4/12/2015 Andrew Wehr HS Girls Monmouth Harvey
4/12/2015 MATCH CANCELED HS Girls NYRC Elizabeth
4/12/2015 Mike Delano HS Girls Union RFC U18 Girls Morris RFC 1330
4/12/2015 Ross Cocheo U14 Boys Union RFC U14 Boys Morris RFC 1200
4/12/2015 Mike Delano U16 Boys Union RFC U16 Morris RFC 1200
4/12/2015 Tom Tani U18 Boys Union RFC U18 Boys Morris RFC TBD
4/12/2015 Tim Downey U18 Bous LI Colts Dwight HS 1200
4/12/2015 Dave Martin Youth Manhattan RFC U14 Rockaway RFC U14 TBD
4/12/2015 Dave Martin Youth Manhattan RFC U16 Rockaway RFC U16 TBD
4/12/2015 Dave Martin Youth U12 Manhattan RFC U12 Rockaway RFC TBD
4/12/2015 Ross Cocheo Youth Union RFC U12 Boys Morris RFC 1100


Date Division Ref/AR1/AR2 Home Away Time
4/1/2015 HS Boys D2 Ros Anderson LFNY Dwight School 1600
4/2/2015 HS Boys D1 Harley Griffiths Darien High School RFC Fairfield Prep 1600
4/2/2015 HS Boys D1 Noel Mara Ridgefield HS Staples HS 1530
4/2/2015 Col M1 Andy Buck Kings Point Suffolk 1900
4/3/2015 Col M1 Pearce Mara Rutgers University Men Towson University 1900
4/4/2015 Club M1 Scott Reilly White Plains Old Blue 1300
4/4/2015 Club M2 Jeff Simpson Long Island Worcester TBD
4/4/2015 Club M2 Gary McCormick Morris Men’s Rugby Albany 1400
4/4/2015 Col M2 Sam Ware/Paolo Cifani Hofstra University men Stony Brook/Molloy 1100
4/4/2015 Col M2 Asher Ross Vassar College Men SUNY-New Paltz Men 1100
4/4/2015 Col W2 Rebeca Nolan Vassar College Women SUNY-New Paltz Women 1400
4/4/2015 Col W3 Mike Delano Drew Women Bard College 1200
4/4/2015 Col W1 Brad Kleiner/Rich Leonard/Mark Kenny Quinnipiac UMass 7s 1200
4/4/2015 HS Boys D1 Tom Sullivan Delbarton Ridge 1300
4/4/2015 HS Boys D1 Pearce Mara Xavier HS Varsity Kenmore West RFC 1000